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Hilltop Estates offers primary nursing care to all residents. This means that our staff gets to know every patient and offers each of them a level of quality in their service that can't be matched anywhere else.

Why Hilltop Estates?

Hear what everyone else thinks

At Hilltop Estates, we think it’s important that our patients have choice. That's why we offer them flexible meal options and schedules for bathing or waking up.


We also believe in quality in everything that we do. That's why our health and safety standards meet, and often exceed, all regulations. We also offer all residents a unique, home-like atmosphere where they can make new friends and visit old ones.


If you're interested in a pet, then Hilltop Estates might be the home for you, as we already host a dog and a couple of cats.

We understand if you'd rather not take our word for it. After all, everyone says nice things about their own business.


Our past clients can't lie though. They really do love our service and they're always writing to tell us about it. Read some of their comments here.

We're here to care for you

If you're looking to receive care from the finest team in Gothenburg or ensure that it's there for a loved one, trust Hilltop Estates.

Call now to find out about a care option for you.

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